• For groups and individuals using our facilities we have a fully staffed kitchen available to cater for all meals and snacks
  • Catering must be pre-arranged at time of booking to ensure we produce the right amount of food for the required number of people.
  • Catering menus are carefully costed.
  • We make use of produce that is seasonally available.
  • We make sure our menu match the needs and expectations of our guests.
  • We offer a wide variety of nutritious foods. FRESH food is a must.
  • The majority of food served is home-cooked on the premises. (As much as possible we try to avoid semi-prepared, ready prepared and ready to serve foods.)
  • We serve good quality food which is delivered on time.
  • We offer a good variety of meals without frequent repetition of dishes.
  • It is important for us to give special consideration to nutritional guidelines when planning and designing our menu.
  • Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated for.
    • Guests with modified diets - eg. Vegetarian diets (Lacto-ovo vegetarians, Lacto vegetarians & Vegans)
    • Medical dietary requirements - eg. Diabetic, Low-Cholesterol, High Fibre, Coeliac, Low Sodium
    • Religious dietary requirements - eg. Kosher, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist

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