The Sisters of St Joseph provide this Centre and space for the exploration of relationships with:

  • the peoples of our land, Indigenous and Torres Strait Island people and the diverse cultures that contribute to the Australian spirit.
  • the peoples of Asia/Pacific, particularly those with whom we have ties in Aotearoa New Zealand, Vietnam, East Timor and Cambodia.
  • the peoples of South America, particularly those in Peru and Brazil.
  • the peoples of our founding cultures, especially Ireland.
  • the peoples of the major religious traditions.
  • the peoples of our diocese and local district.
  • and all who seek a place apart to pursue their particular dreams.

We continue to provide a place for Josephites and all who strive to become effective in mission.

We open our centre to people of the local districts and its environs who seek a supportive space to pursue their particular dreams and

We invite to our place all that seek the quiet of time apart.